What is a Brazilian wax?

Written By Sam McLean 05 Aug 2021
What is a brazilian wax?

What is a Brazilian Wax vs Bikini Wax?


Intimate waxing is the removal of pubic hair using a special wax, which can be hard or soft, that adheres to hairs and removes them when the wax is pulled quickly from the skin, with or without a strip depending on the type of wax. You can tell the waxer how much or how little you want taken off. A Bikini Wax leaves some hair in the pubic region, whereas a Brazilian wax removes it all. Bikini Waxing involves applying a special melted wax to the pubic hair that the client would like removed. The wax is then covered with a small strip or allowed to harden depending on the type of wax used. The cloth, or hardened wax, is pulled off quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth, removing the hair all the way from its roots as the wax is pulled away.There are many different styles of Bikini and Brazilian wax so it is important to discuss with your client which shape they desire and how much or how little hair is removed.


Standard Bikini Wax
Only the hair outside of the bikini line is waxed in a traditional standard bikini wax. This design is best for those who want a modest shape and cleaned up just enough to not show outside of bikini bottoms. A standard bikini is also a great place to start if your client is new to intimate waxing and may be a little scared.

Extended Bikini Wax
An extended bikini wax is similar to a standard in that only the hair outside of the bikini line is waxed. This design takes it just a little further, venturing slightly into the pubic mound. This section in generally referred to as the "inner bikini line" and brings the line in about an inch from a standard bikini. Sometimes estheticians will still consider this shape a standard bikini and may not charge extra. It's important to inform your client. This design is best for those who still want a modest shape and and don't want any hair to show outside of higher cut bikini bottoms.

Traditional Brazilian Wax
A traditional brazilian leaves a small patch of hair in either a triangle or landing strip, completely removing the hair from the bikini line, labia and between the cheeks. The majority of the hair is removed from the pubic mound minus the desired shape.

Full Brazilian Wax
A full brazilian wax completely removes the hair from the entire intimate area including the bikini line, pubic mound, labia and between the cheeks. A brazilian wax is a very popular service and is great for clients who want to be completely smooth and hair free downstairs!

Education is key
Even if your client is a wax veteran, it is important to inform your client about the process, realistic expectations, and proper maintenance and aftercare. Helping guide your clients through why and when they should be booking maintenance appointments, their hair growth cycle, and proper aftercare and products is key to a successful wax journey! You could perform the worlds best brazilian wax, but if your client isn't following your aftercare advice they may experience issues. Remember it's 50% your work and 50% your clients home care!



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